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Connecting top incubators and accelerators with leading enterprises globally.

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A space for promoting innovation

The co-innovation hub serves as a space for accelerators, incubators, and other innovation enablers to gain visibility and global exposure. Hub innovation partners come to the platform to connect their startup cohorts to global innovation seekers.

Our partner network comprises:

Accelerators, Incubators

Developing and nurturing ideas and startups

Industry Clusters Associations

Connecting innovation across industries


Spurring scientific and educational advancements

Tech and
Science Parks

Fostering a physical space to advance innovation

Gain exposure for your startup cohorts 

We partner with some great organizations allowing us to tap into a global innovation ecosystem

Join the Co-innovation hub

Build your network of innovative enterprises

We give you the opportunity to make connections with major entities such as corporates, governments, NGOs, and industry clusters through our enterprise network. Build and establish your market position and grow your brand presence internationally with key innovation seekers.

Join the Co-innovation hub

Automate your startup management process

When you become an innovation partner on the co-innovation hub, you will have the opportunity to access some features of our all-in-one innovation management platform as a premium add-on service. The platform can help you quickly and effectively run startup application processes, manage your startup's funnel, and keep your startup engagement active.

Join the Co-innovation hub